2009 SCCA Florida Enduro Champions
2009 SCCA Florida Region ITR Champions
2009 FARA MP-3 Champions
Driver Coach / Rentals

Driving Instruction

David Tuaty is available for private coaching, dealer events and group instruction at any race track or venue. David will share technical data, driving specifics, and will even ride and drive, Using the latest in GPS Data technology for instant feedback. There is no better way to improve driving than correcting techniques while driving. The instruction is tailored to the individual, not generic information.

Please contact  David Tuaty to set up a specialized program


"We were really moving out there, You've improved a lot (Carlos)....you are absolutely correct in giving credit where credit is due... Thanks Coach!"

Juan Gomez
Driver to the Stars

Homestead Speedway Dec 12-13, 2009
Median lap time prior to coaching 1.48 to 1.49
After coaching, consistent 1.44

"I used to say that my first session of the day was a throwaway just to get settled in the car. After a day with David Tuaty there is no more throwaways,  I was right on the pace and settled in for a fantastic weekend from the first lap out, plus he made me 4 seconds faster and comfortably so. My friends could not just drive away from me anymore, this was the most fun I have had in a long time"

Carlos Espitia
Trackweekend.com organizer

"It was great to see some TW members take part on our very cold and wet Jan 9-10 weekend. Glad Sunday was dry and congrats on the track lap record. David is a terrific coach, for sure!"

Barbara Nix

 Wanna Lower your lap times? How does 5 seconds a lap sound?

Before Coaching: 1.59 sec around Homestead
After a day of coaching with Data analysis 1.54 sec.
...and the best part... he was able to do the last session of the day, alone in the car , using the skill acquired by our coaching methods to consistently lap at the 1.54 second range for the whole 30 minute session.

Homestead Miami Speedway was the setting for an instructional event for new race car driver Jimmy Vazquez. Jimmy started the day with a very good base to become a successful race car driver, but what he needed was someone to coach that raw skill into smooth fast laps one after the other. David Tuaty brought his data acquisition system and his 16 plus years of racing experience and together Jimmy was able to drop 5 full seconds from his previous fast lap. But the best part  was that it was not a one lap wonder but a system to help him drive at that new base line lap after lap.
"I am very impressed with Jimmy's' ability, it was a pleasure to coach him today" Tuaty said.
"what David taught me today was head and shoulders above any other instructor I have ever had. Jimmy responded.

For one on one coaching please contact David.

David Tuaty Resume

Dave began his career in SCCA Amateur road racing. He went on to win the SCCA Endurance Championship series in 1998. Currently, he has two wins in Koni Challenge Series along with Eight podiums.


2010 Season -World Challenge - FARA - SCCA - PBOC - NASA
SCCA Florida Enduro Series Champion
4th place Mid Ohio WC Honda Civic.

2009 Season - FARA - SCCA - PBOC - NASA
SCCA Florida Enduro Series Champion
Team Owner for SCCA ITR Class Championship
 Winner Homestead FARA enduro April 2009
 Winner Homestead FARA enduro June 2009
 Winner Homestead FARA enduro August 2009
 Winner SCCA Double ECR Homestead
 Winner Palm Beach International Raceway 3 hour enduro ITR class
 Winner Sebring Florida Endurance Series
 Winner Sebring Sprint races (2)
 Winner inagural 6 Hours of Miami

2008 Season - FARA
 Second Place Homestead FARA 2 hour enduro  

2007 Season - Grand Am Cup
• Winner Inaugural Iowa Speedway Champion  

2006 Season - Grand Am Cup
• Third place Team championship
• 9 top 10 finishes - Laguna Seca Third Place

2005 Season - Grand Am Cup
• Koni Challenge Daytona 200 Winner

2004 Season - Grand Am Cup
• Speedsource  Mazda RX8

2003 Season - Grand Am Cup
• TCKline Racing . Phoenix Twin 200’s Podium 3rd Place

2002 Season - Grand Am Cup Series, ST1
• Braco Racing .  Drove an Acura Integra
• Top 5 Qualifier
• Frequent top ten finisher

2001 Season - Grand Am Cup Series, ST1
Drove a Porsche Boxster
• Podium finishes at Phoenix and Watkins Glen

Prior to 2001 Season
• Runner up championship, nine out of 10 pole positions in 1999 SCCA ECR Series
• Won the 1998 SCCA endurance Championship Series
• Won the 1996 SCCA Amateur road racing at Homestead (VW Rabbit GTI)
• Florida Autocross Champion, GS Stock Class (1995)
• SCCA Autocross EP Florida Champion (1993)









Rental Programs

World Challenge Honda Civic Si

Season packages and single event, please call for details.

Rent one of our race winning BMWs  for any race or driving event at any track in the Southeastern Region. Cars can be classed in SCCA, NASA, FARA, PBOC, BMWCCA, or any other racing organization.
BMW E36 325
BMW E36 M3
Includes a professional crew, race prep, fuel, and all consumables.

Cars available for:

Road Atlanta


 weekend races and special events can be customized, so if you have a special request just contact us and we can discuss any and all options.

Discounts for multiple races and  race packages for endurace events are also available. Please call to discuss your needs.

    Experienced  crew,  meals, WINNING race car, no expenses spared

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