It's designed for pros and track day enthusiast who want to record their day, play it back with their HD video, and analyze their performance to get the most out of their car and themselves.

Co-Owner Tuaty Leira Motorsports. Driver, Instructor
Suspension Set up, Data Acquisition

Expert Installation

Display Unit.

Sony HD Camera

RPM Sensor to ECU

and recommend all our customers to use it. it is easy to hook up and even easier to analyze, it is the one product that will make you faster and faster every single time you use it. I personally will not coach anyone without it. it is essential"

TLM Racing and Traqmate!!!!!!!!!!

Tuaty Leira Motorsports announced as the newest Traqmate Data Acquisition dealer. "we are ecstatic to be associated with the Traqmate brand" David Tuaty team principal said.  "we have been using their data analysis for about 6 years

Traqmate Data Acquisition

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